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Unfiltered | January 30, 2016

(While at the mall with some friends, a song by a band we are fond of with a recently deceased frontman starts playing in one of the stores.)

Friend #1: Oh great, and now they’ve reminded me about how sad I am that [frontman] died.

Me: I know, right? I haven’t been this sad since Commander Shepard died at the end of Mass Effect!

(Suddenly one of our friends, who was looking at something and otherwise not paying attention, whips around and glares at me angrily.)

Friend #2: Gee, thanks for the spoilers!

Me: Wait, what? That’s a spoiler to you?

Friend #2: Yeah! I haven’t finished the game yet and now you’ve gone and ruined it for me!

Me: …? That game came out almost four years ago! How have you not had the ending spoiled to you by now?

Friend #2: I don’t know. I guess I’m just really good at avoiding spoilers.

(I should have seen that coming since she once yelled at me sometime around 2013 for spoiling the endings to Psycho and The Sixth Sense. I marvel at her ability to somehow avoid Internet spoilers for so long.)