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Unfiltered | January 21, 2016

(My best friend of ten years became friends with me because we were both huge pot-heads. Our birthdays are a day apart, and we would always smoke together for those two days. In the last couple years, I’ve all but quit smoking marijuana. But on rare occasion..)

Me: Come get me high. My boyfriend is ignoring me.

Friend: What? Haha, hi lady.

Me: I’ve got bourbon and flat pop. (He loves flat pop. I don’t know why, but he would always drink flat pop in my home.)

Friend: Haha, I’ve got one blunt left.

Me: I’ve got ten bucks. We didn’t smoke for our birthdays. It doesn’t seem right.

Friend: Oh, you’re serious?

Me: WTF. DO I EVER JOKE? Okay, I do, but still.

Friend: Haha, let me eat and I’ll be on my way.

(Why I love my best friend.)

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