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Unfiltered | January 7, 2016

(I am driving home around 9pm at night. I’m tired after a long shift dealing with rude people. At a stoplight, I’m in the left lane, behind a white sedan. In the right lane, level with the sedan, is a black SUV, with other cars behind it. When the light turns green, the sedan doesn’t move. I, and several others behind me, honk, and it moves on. As I’m driving down the road, the SUV pulls level with me.)

SUV: “Be chill!”

(I glance over, startled, to see a man leaning out the window, trying to talk to me through the open windows. I speed up a bit and pull ahead. He keeps pace with me, and pulls forward again.)

SUV: “Have patience!”

(I’m getting a little freaked out right now. He continues to keep pace with me, although he doesn’t attempt anymore conversation. We reach my turn, and I pull left into the turn lane. The sedan continues in the left lane and merrily goes its way. The SUV switches to the left lane, so he is once again next to me, and tries to talk to me one more time.)

SUV: “Hey…!” *continues straight, cutting off his words*

(I get the green light, and continue home. While I’ve had some people act aggressively towards me now and again on the road, this is the first time I’ve seen passive-aggressive road rage. And again, he was in the other lane, with other people behind him. Why he felt the need to talk to me, I’ve no clue!)

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