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Unfiltered | January 3, 2016

(Note I am female to male transgender and havent had any surgeries or started testosteron.) My best friend and I were walking into popular grocery store when an older lady stops me.

Lady: Excuse me sir?

Me: (Keeps walking not realizing she’s talking to me)

Lady: Sir!?

Me: (Looks back at her and turn around while my best friend is still on my back)

Lady: Could you help me get this walker out of my trunk? You must be strong if you can carry that young lady

Me: (has a huge smile on my face) “sure!” (walks to her trunk. My best friend no longer on my back)

(we continue to have small talk, she asks my name all while i take the walker out)

Lady: (after i get it out) God bless you. Thank you so much. Merry Christmas!

Me and my best friend: Merry Christmas!

(this made my whole day better. Usually people misgender me)

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