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(So, a group of friends and I went to a theme park in the middle of July. I’m the youngest of the group at 14 and looking about 17(female)and every one else is about 16-18 years. We’re all super close and one of my best guy friends gets kinda clingy as were standing in line for a roller coster, he’s 17)

Friend #1: So who’s going with who? Pairs of two would make it not weird much more than it already is.

Guy friend: I’m going with (My name).
(As he says this the other 5, 18 year old guys give him the ‘look’ and keep walking towards the enterance to the ride)

Friend #2: (whispering) He likes you! I’m going to kick his a** if he tries anything up there.

(As if in que, Guy friend comes over and grabbed my hand, keep in mind that this is the first time I had any contact with a guy like that before)

Me: What are you doing (staring at our hands)

Guy friend: Practicing for my date on Thursday!

(At this point all of our group behind us is doubling over laughing)

Me: Oh, Haha…. Who with?

Guy friend: Her name is (girls name) she’s super sweet and cute!

(We climb into the car of the ride when he grabs my hand again in one hand and my leg in another)

Me: (stuttering) Umm…. What are you doing?

Guy friend: Holding your hand so you don’t get scared, duh…

(And as I pull away, (guy friend #2 hits me in the back and gives me the eyebrow raise, and me being only fourteen, having 17&18 year old guys pay this much attention to me wasent so bad after all)

(When we get off he grabs my hand yet again, pulling me off to the side)

Me: [to Guy friend] Are you okay? You look kinda pa—-

Gu friend: throws up in the trash while people were staring at us AND still holding my hand.

(He remains clingy for the rest of the night, and when a ride opperatr smacks my back side later, he is in the motion of punching the guy back, luckily the rest of our “gang” came to the rescue. And then as we were leaving, he tried to get my girl friends to let him take me, and only me home. For being fourteen, I was not so excited about getting a boyfriend any time soon)

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