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Me and my friend are waiting to board our flights. Since it’s early morning she grabs some breakfast and I go to the bathroom. When I come back I hear a rather old gentleman and what appears to be his wife trying to get her attention, “hey you! Hey kid!”
It’s not clear to their view that she has wireless headphones on and can’t hear them. My friend is rather punk-ish looking (colored hair.tattoos and 2 piercings) she’s also very clearly a woman of color.
When they finally get her attention by throwing a paper at her they just glare at her. Then the man says “I bet this *slur* can’t even speak English,” his wife responds “Just another drain on our society do you see how she looks? That’s not how a lady should present herself”
My friend keeps to herself a lot but not of shyness, hearing this she raises an eyebrow and goes to take off her jacket and stand up. She’s rather tall (taller than me) and her t shirt shows off all the tattoos she’s got on her arms.
“I can speak English perfectly fine. I’m also fluent in Spanish, because I am, in fact Mexican. I am no disgrace to anyone, I’ve graduated as the valedictorian of my year and got scholarships into 3 Ivy League colleges. The way I choose to present myself is none of your concern, for I’m not causing harm to anyone. Racism is not a good look for such “fine” people as you must perceive yourselves to be, so please, next time you try to belittle someone for their race remember that even the Englishmen that came here were immigrants”
She says this all rather respectfully and leaves them looking red as tomatoes. When I finally reach her I pat her back and she says “It’s incredible how some people truly cannot unlearn such awful stuff man”

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