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, | Unfiltered | December 31, 2022

Before this happened at the same fast food location we have gotten out order wrong nine times in the past two month’s, so my mom tryed ordering slower thinging maby we are talking too fast. Wow it pissed the worker off! And was still wrong we always take it anyway everyone has bad days and it’s a different person every time. Yesterday I tryed again
Beep may itake your order
Me loudly- yes may I have two large chocolate frosty chinos easy ice
Worker- Vanilla or Chocolate
Me louder as sometimes the speaker bot is messing up- Chocolate please
Worker-xxxx total at window
Me still loud- thank you
At window waited awile but hey it’s a nice day and maby freash coffee is coming up
Worker hands me two smalls
Me- I’m sorry I ordered large
Worker mad now- No you didn’t you never said a size so I made small.
Me-ok takes it
I never complained as my mom and I don’t want to be that customer and we don’t have any other location’s near us but we are not sure what else to try to get our order right.(ie most of the time it’s beef insted of chicken ordered or no frys with combo orderd, even cold frys we eat anyway)

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