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Unfiltered | December 20, 2015

My family hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year, we had just over 20 friends amd family over to celebrate. It’s still a little early, the last of the food is back in the oven to warm through, so most of the adults and all the kids are on the front porch or playing in the front yard. I see an unfamiliar car pull up and i start walking towards the road thinking it might be the last invited guest, my friend that I had not seen for a few years. The lady gets out of her car and starts to walk right past me (and at least 15 of my friends and family) trying to get into the house.

Me- “can I help you?”

Stranger- smiles vacantly ” this is my brothers house”

Me- “this is my house, I think you have the wrong address”

Stranger looks around, then slaps me lightly on the stomach ” oh you kidder you! I know this is my brothers house”

Me, surprised that this lady refuses to believe this is not the right house and that she had the gall to touch me “ma’am, you have the wrong house and you need to leave”

Stranger, starting to get mad, ” I know this is his house, let me go find him” and tries to push past me.

Me- ” do you know any of these people? No? Because you have the wrong house!”

Eventually her family came over from next door to get her, once she saw them she turned and left without another word. My family spent the rest of the afternoon wondering what kind of stupid she had to be to still think this was her brothers house after seeing at least 15 people she did not know and being told repeatedly that she had the wrong house.

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