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Unfiltered | December 16, 2015

I’m walking back up to home after getting something to eat from down the street. Where I live there’s a little area with restaurants and a small grocery shop, and there’s a roundabout nearby that. No one is allowed to park in the roundabouts, for obvious reasons, but I see a black Jeep doing just that.

I’ve seen this guy before. I decide to take a picture of the Jeep and the liscense plate. I don’t think there’s anyone inside, but it’s already evening, and the Jeep’s Windows are tinted darkly. NOTE: I live by a campus.

Man in the Jeep: *has an Australian accent* What’s the problem?! I’m just trying to kiss my wife!

Me: *calmly* It’s just that this isn’t a parking space.

Man: I don’t see a red line!

Me: Doesn’t matter. It’s not a parking space.

Man: What are you, the Student Police?

I scoff at his last remark and just walk off. I’ve told others about this, and they said I did the right thing. I’m thinking of showing the picture of his Jeep I took to someone who works on campus and has a say in these things. It just really annoys me that people can be so rude and ignorant, but it also helps me treasure the people who aren’t like this. Sometimes negative interactions with people can help you really enjoy positive ones.

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