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Unfiltered | December 15, 2015

(My friends and I in eighth grade were a tight group but many of us would cut or have suicidal thoughts. I was the main supporter of the group and if one of my friends was suicidal i would tell an adult. This saved two lives. One of my friends started cutting because a boy dumped her with a slip a paper that only said, “We’re over.” Me being me i yell at him because i don’t care if i barely know them they are my friends and nobody treats them like that.)

Ex Boyfriend of friend: what are you doing here?

Me: Did you seriously dump her with a freaking slip of paper.

Ex Boyfriend’s friend: dude you did what?

Ex boyfriend: yeah so what

Me you’re a jerk and watch your back because it just rained and the canals are full right now

Ex Boyfriend: you’re creepy and weird

Me: Compliments will get you nowhere

Ex boyfriend’s friend: hey i’ll help you out with the body

Ex boyfriend: What?!

Me: Be warned i have many friends who are willing do anything for me because i would do anything for them if you mess with them i will know and i will hunt you down *leaves*

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