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Unfiltered | December 12, 2015

(Two guys from my class get along so well, the teacher keeps complementing them especially on their teamwork whenever we do group presentations, and I assumed they were lifelong pals until I found out one of them moved to the city just a few months ago. One day, the two of them spot me at the campus café, and we start chatting over a cup of tea.)

Guy 1: “… Yeah, [Guy 2], I can see why people would think that. I mean, from your usual face you look like the ‘angry’ type.”

Guy 2: “Pfft, what? If anything, I look- hey, [My Name], what would you say about my face?”

Me: “Uh… You always look anxious about something, I guess? No offence.”

Guy 2: “*cheerfully* None taken!”

(No less than two days later, I am walking home from a lecture when they spot me and get off their bikes. Somebody who isn’t paying attention bumps into Guy 2’s bike while he’s getting off. While none of them are hurt, Guy 2 had told us about how he needed to go to the hospital after a biking-related incident a few years ago, and the person who bumped into him shouts crude curses at Guy 2 before biking away, so we are naturally worried.)

Guy 2: “No, seriously, it’s nothing. I’ve had worse!”

Me: “… I’m really surprised you’re taking it so well.”

Guy 1: “Yeah. One, you HAVE had worse. Second, uh… Since you kinda look like a huge teddy bear-”

Guy 2: “What the heck? Didn’t you say… Yeah, you did! First you say I look like the angry type, and now you turn around and call me a freaking TEDDY BEAR? Will you ever decide what I look like to you?!”

(He keeps ranting about this for a good five minutes; while he genuinely sounds hurt, he still has that usual face. Guy 1 goes awkwardly quiet and looks down at his feet as we keep walking, whereas I start giggling uncontrollably.)

Me: “*Once Guy 2 is done* Heh… Well… I think I’ve decided on ‘angry’ for now…”

Guy 2: “Thank you!”

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