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(At this point my St Bernard is still only a puppy, so while I still can i’m taking him on a walk around the area so he can learn his way around if he gets lost. Despite me only having him for a couple of months, he’s already protective of me, and quite strong too. I’m at the milk bar at the end of my street and the only pole i can tie him to isn’t in sight from within the shop. I only take about 2 minutes so i leave him there and upon coming out of the shop i see someone dragging my dog down the path. I’m only 12 and around 5’4″, while this guy is at least 6’4″ and muscular in his mid-30s)

Me: *while running* “Hey!! That’s my dog!”

(upon seeing me my dog starts to pull as hard as he can to get to me, and the guy starts to move faster)

Me: *getting in front of him* “Didn’t you hear me? that’s MY dog!”

Stranger: “Outa my way girly, Bruno and i are trying to get home” (my dog’s name is not Bruno)

Me: “If his name is Bruno, why does he respond when i call out Bailey? Why does he seem so eager to get away from you and back to me if he’s your dog?”

Stranger: “Because that’s how he acts around everyone”

(The shop owner heard me calling and left the shop to see what was going on)

Owner: “Both of you! What’s going on here?”

Stranger: “This little GIRLY here was trying to get my dog!”

Owner: “really?” *to me* “What was going on here?”

Me: “I came out of your shop and found this guy dragging Bailey down the street”

Owner: *to the stranger* “Can you prove he’s your dog?”

Stranger: “Well, erm…”

Me: *remembering the tag on his neck* “I can prove he’s mine”

Stranger: “As if!”

Me: *to the owner* “Look at his tag around his neck! I can tell you the address, the phone number is my mum’s, and his name is Bailey”

(The owner asks me what the various details are and i answer them. The stranger looking more and more angry each time)


(the yelling scares my dog, who has been pulling on the lead, when he pulls once more it snaps, and he bites the stranger before running to me)

Stranger: “Give me back my dog! I’m calling the police!”

Owner: “And I’ll show them the security footage”

(The police were called, and when shown the tapes they took him to the car and the shop owner gave me a new lead)

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