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Unfiltered | December 6, 2015

(I was walking around an Asian store in the mall when I come across a woman who was looking at a statue of Buddha.)

Woman: (talking to me) People really need to be more careful with what they invite into their homes. There’s no telling what kind of evil spirits they’re inviting in.

(I’m a spiritual person who believes in ghosts and know what she means. But I had a bad feeling about her.)

Woman: I’ve walked into an Indian home and they had one of these shrines. They have no idea the kind of demon they are inviting.

(I started to talk but I had a huge feeling that my words would only fall of deaf ears. When she was done talking she left.)

Me: Wow, lady. Just wow.

(I was very puzzled as to why she was in there to begin with. She should have known with it being an Asian store Buddha would be there too.)