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Colorado Springs, CO | Unfiltered | November 29, 2015

(Hello again, fellow readers. I’m the gal who submitted “Ready to Throw in the Towel” and “Of My Relations and Infestations”. The not-so-local comic shop hosts board game nights twice a month, and a bunch of the regulars, including me, are fans of comics, manga, anime, sci-fi and fantasy.

On 11/7/15, a regular brought in a “Portal” board game. Since the pieces are four different colors, one of them being red, I decided it was a good time for a joke.)

Me: “Why would anyone who’s seen ‘Star Trek’ wanna be red?”

Regular: *taking the joke and running with it* “Because red Gundams are faster.”

Another Regular: “Yeah, Char Aznable proved it.”

(I’ve never been so happy to be pwned, as those were seriously good comebacks.)

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