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Unfiltered | November 18, 2015

(Even though I’m a shorter person, I’ve always been a pretty fast walker. A lot of the time I try and pass people up when I’m walking on a sidewalk if they’re walking slower than I want to be. This usually isn’t a problem, but…)

Me: (passes older, very slow man on the sidewalk. Note that this was a very wide city sidewalk with only a couple people on it, so it’s not like I was in danger of knocking him over or anything)

Him: (somewhat shouting) Hey, you girl! Stop!

Me: (confused) Me?

Him: Yes, you! Didn’t anybody ever teach you to respect your elders!?

Me: I’m sorry, what?

Him: You can’t just blow past me on the sidewalk like that! It’s impolite!

Me: (stunned into silence)

Him: That’s right now you walk behind me like an obedient child.

Me: (even though I lived on that side of the street, I crossed the street to get away from him, and to walk at my own pace)

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