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Unfiltered | November 13, 2015

(My school gets out a couple of minutes before my younger brothers so I normally walk over and grab him. As I am walking over one dayI find my self next to a baby in her stroller, a mother, and a father walking together. The baby smiles at me and waves)

Me:(Smiles and waves back.)

Mother: how dare you wave at my child! I don’t even know you! Don’t ever do that again or I will call the police for stalking!

Me: I am very sorry ma’am, I did not mean to upset you, all I did was wave because your baby waved at me.

Mother: My Amy would never do anything that rude.

(The next day as I am walking over a find myself next to the same woman.)

Little girl:(smiles and waves)

Me: (ignores because of what had happened yesterday.)

Mother: Learn some manners young man. My Amy waved and you completely ignored her. Disrespectful people like you make me sick.

(The father who has been completely silent the steps in)

Father: Sandra, you are embarrassing yourself, this is the exact same young man who you yelled at yesterday for waving at Amy. Please get in the car before you hurt yourself.

Woman: (silently walks off)

Father: I’m sorry she gets excited when she hasn’t hasn’t eaten in a while.

Me:(trying not laugh thanks him and walks off.)