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Unfiltered | November 4, 2015

(I am fifteen years old at the time of this story. I am also an atheist, and have a semi-large following on Instagram. I make a humorous and quite satirical post about the Bible, and how I would read and write complaints with it as if I was an editor for the book. Since most of my new friends I made during my 9th grade year were also atheists, I thought there would be no problems. These were text messages exchanged between me and a friend I had classes with in 8th grade, who happens to be a Roman Catholic.)

Friend: “How could you write in the Bible, let alone edit it?!”

Me: “Well, I would pick up a pen and jot down things I want to.”

Friend: “You know what I really mean.”

Me: “There is a number of reasons, such as me not finding it to be true, me not caring what other people think, me having free will, etc. and etc.”

Friend: “That is just so completely wrong on so many levels.”

Friend: “You can’t post that stuff on Instagram. Seriously, we get that you’re an atheist, but you can’t just shove your beliefs in science down my throat!”

Me: “One, yes I can. Two, how is it wrong? Three, atheism does not relate to science. Just how I see God. And I call myself an atheist because I DON’T see God. Four, I am not ramming my beliefs down your throat. There is a little button on your phone you can push that says “Following.” If you push that, suddenly I won’t be in your feed anymore!”

Friend: “Whatever. If you’re going to mess with other people’s religions, just go write in the f****** Qur’an or something.”

Me: *speechless*

(Fast forward a few days later, when I was hanging out with one of my new friends, who happens to be Muslim. I showed her these texts, and while she laughs at it, she says, “I can’t believe how ridiculous she was! I can’t believe you had a friend who was like that… You should post this story Not Always Friendly or something!”)