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Utah, USA | Unfiltered | October 28, 2015

(I’m shopping at a dollar store, which is pretty packed. I’m looking at candles for Halloween. Three college boys come into the store, talking very loudly and visibly annoying the other customers. They go into the aisle next to mine.)

Boy #1: Look at this! They’re totally ripping off “Game Of Thrones”! See? This should say Targaryen, but they misspelled it! It says “tarragon”!

*I look at the other customer in my aisle, a middle-aged woman, and she cringes and rolls her eyes*

Me: *yelling to next aisle* Tarragon is an herb, you moron!

Boy #2: *laughs* Yeah, it’s an herb, moron!

Boy #1: … I still think it should be Targaryen.

Woman in my aisle: *snickers* Boys.

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