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This happens when I go to the public library in a town we just moved to, since most of our stuff hasn’t arrived yet we go only to use their computers. There are four computers with their backs on each other and I grab the one opposite my dad, who is 6 ft tall and very muscular and broad shouldered retired law enforcement.

A random guy sits in the computer between me and my dad.

Guy: hey what are you doing here, it’s summer shouldn’t you be outside?

Me: well I’m not much of an outdoors person and I am doing some research

Guy: I thought school was out, what are you researching?

Me: it is but I like to research random stuff just for the fun of it. Right now I’m looking at OCD, stuff like how they diagnose it and treat it and stuff. It’s really very interesting.

Guy: well…if you want you can come over to my place and do some research there. I’m OCD and can teach you all about it

I start to get creeped out

Me: no thanks I’m good

Guy: why not? It’s just down the street

Me: um, because I’m underage and that’s my dad next to you who is a retired cop

Suddenly he notices my dad for the first time and that my dad is glaring at him, he gets up and runs out knocking his chair over in his rush. My dad stands up to pick it up and gives me a hug

Dad: I’m so proud of you for handling that guy I was waiting to see just what you would say.

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