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Unfiltered | September 22, 2015

(I have an appointment but am not sure if I’m in the right street. I drive around, but I’m in a very space limited city and there’s no place to park and think except for the public parking garage. So I pull in to a spot and review my notes for a few minutes. A guy in a car slows and sticks his head out.)

Guy: “Are you leaving?”

Me: “No…”

Guy: “Pfft! Just sitting around huh?!”

Me: “What?”

Guy: *drives off*

(He gave me an evil look as he went away. I look through my notes again, see that I’m in the wrong street, then leave the garage. Just as I go another car, not the rude guy, takes my space. The guy from before honks at me and nearly crashes! What a moron!)