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I work at a popular chain company that sells pizzas. I have worked here for about 4 years so I am familiar with some of my customers who come in and I know their orders by heart.
These two guys come in who always show up during my shift on Saturday. I already know what they would like, so I simply ask them if they want the usual and tell them the total.
The one guy suddenly turns towards me with a very serious look on his face.
“Depends”, he says. “How much would it cost to go on a date with you?”
I instinctively blush because a) boys are usually not very interested in me and b) I know that my ability to be nice towards everyone has sometimes been taken the wrong way (ie. flirting).
“Umm I already have a boyfriend” I say stammering my way through that sentence. This wasn’t a lie, I had recently started seeing someone and I was happy.
“Oh”, he says clearly disappointed. “Well I’ll be waiting if you change your mind!”

The conclusion is that this happened a year and a half ago, and every week he continues to come in and make small talk with me. And I am still in a relationship. I usually just hide in the back and my co workers tell me when to come out because they find it hilarious!

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