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(I love my husband dearly, but the one thing about him that drives me crazy is just how picky he can be about the strangest things. Case in point, we’re at the store looking over new towels and such for the bathroom, and he’s trying to pick between two.)

Husband: I don’t know… This one’s too red, and this one’s not red enough.

Me: They’re both red.

Husband: Yeah but like, this one’s RED red and this one’s less red.

Me: They’re the same red.

Husband: No like, this one’s lighter and that one’s darker!

Me: Okay, see, that makes more sense. But they’re still the same red!

Husband: No they’re NOT, look how different they ar—-

(This is when I point at the tags; they were the SAME TYPE OF TOWEL, there was just 1/10th of a shade difference due to normal manufacturing variance. This continued for the next 2 hours, though for the sake of my sanity we did end up getting basically everything we were looking for, and I was able to keep him from inflicting it on the workers!)

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