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(I’m running cash register one evening when a woman and her son, around eight or nine, come through my lane. He wanders off into the queuing area and starts messing around. I happen to really like names and their meanings; and when I hear new names, especially non-English names, I like to ask about the meaning just cause I find that sort of thing neat.)

Mother: “[Child’s name]! Don’t play with that!”

Me: “That’s an interesting name, what’s it mean?”

Mother: “It means ‘blessing from god’.” *we both look over in time to see him grab a bottle of soda from the cooler, look it over, and drop it on the floor. It thankfully doesn’t burst open, and the mother looks back at me* “Though at times like this, I’m not sure he is.”

(She then went and grabbed him by the arm, picked up the soda bottle from the floor, and brought him back to the register. The rest of the transaction went without incident.)

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