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I am a waitress, working in a gastro-pub well known locally for having excellent food. It is one of the nicer restaurants in our small village, and as such is always booked solid.

One day, I am serving a large table of well-to-do types, who have been very pleasant up until that point.

It is only when I walk over to collect their plates that I hear this…

Man: So, I’ll be going as Gary Glitter, you’ll be Jimmy Saville and Ron can dress up as Rolf Harris.

(All three of the celebrities mentioned have been known for or convicted for paedophilia in the UK.)

One of the women catches my eye and sees my expression of horror.

Woman: Don’t worry. It’s a costume party. (Laughs) Just a bit of fun!

When I walk away later, they were discussing where to find Nazi outfits, as the women wanted to go as the Third Reich.


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