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I’m working in a medical office, assigning billable items to patients. I get the previous day’s paperwork, scan it in, and attach each item to the correct person. Naturally, this means that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday paperwork gets processed on Monday, and are automatically date-stamped as being processed on Monday’s date.

One day, I receive the following message:

Billing Specialist: “I noticed under the orders tab, this patient was admitted to the hospital on 08/19 and discharged on 08/19. On 08/20 you put the delivery ticket (ticket number) into ready to bill. I was wondering if this patient was released and put back on service on 8/20? Normally tickets are not dropped into ready to bill if the patient was discharged. Please let me know if this is billable or not.”

Me: “The description of (ticket number) states that it is dated 08/17/2018. Despite all best efforts on our part, it is not always possible to instantaneously process paperwork, particularly paperwork which is handled on a Friday. The date listed under Sent is the date that I processed the delivery ticket, not the date when it was produced. I attempt to edit the Sent date to match the date on the delivery ticket, but I have been busy lately, and have not been able to keep up with this process.”

“In short, to the best of my knowledge, this delivery ticket is billable.”

The description included the date. If the Billing Specialist had looked at the scanned document, they would have seen the date on the document. Instead, they chose to assume I didn’t know what I was doing. I edited down the sarcasm three times before sending my response.

Really, how hard is it to understand that I don’t work seven days a week?

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