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(It is the end of math class and we’ve got a few minutes before the bell rings and we are talking with our Student teacher. For those that don’t know a Student teacher is a teacher in training doing their experience in an actual classroom. A side note Valentine’s day is approaching and we are talking about his wife.)
Student Teacher: Yeah so she’s allergic to gluten and chocolate.
Classmate#1: So…
Student Teacher:*chuckles* I accidentally offered her a bread roll on our first date.
Me: Oh no you joking right!?
Student Teacher: sadly nope she gave me a death glare and asked if I was trying to kill her
(Cue laughter from everyone)
Classmate#2: So what are you getting her for Valentines day
Me:*jokingly* Better get her some Valentine chocolates
Student Teacher: *pause* That would be absolutely terrible
(Somehow they are married and he has never offered her bread again)

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