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, , | Unfiltered | December 6, 2022

I hate confrontation so when I’m in public I try to be polite and courteous. Not because I particularly feel that way, but just to avoid arguments.

On this particular day I’m at the grocery store with my mother. I also have pneumonia and misjudged my own stamina. My mother tells me to go back to the car and sit down because in her words I look ready to fall over.

I head toward the exit. Ahead of me are two children with a fully loaded shopping cart, no adults in sight. They are completely blocking the doorway so that they can hang off the front of the cart. No one can get in or out as a result.

“For ****s sake!” comes into my head, and I realize a second too late I’ve said it out loud. And loudly. The children turn to stare at me like I’m going to grab and eat them, and then take off out the door with their cart.

So if an apparently crazy woman traumatized your kids over the weekend, that was me. My bad.

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