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(When I was 19, I used to work as a personal assistant to a rich man. He used to do his banking with a millionaires-only private bank. One day my boss asked me to go to his bank and deposit some money into his account. This requires a cash deposit book. I walk into the bank and I’m instantly stopped next to the door by an employee.

Employee: Sorry, sir, this is a members only bank. I don’t think you’re a member.

(He was looking at my clothes. I wore a generic H&M business suit – clearly different than the 5 figure suits of their other patrons)

Me: Oh, I’m [Name’s] assistant – I’m here to deposit money on his behalf. *I showed the cash deposit book*

Employee *snatching the book out of my hands*: Oh, you’ve got Mr. [Name’s] certificate?! You look like a fraud! Security! Security! Call the police! This scum is a fraud!

Me: Think about it, dimwit! If I were a fraud, why would I DEPOSIT money in someone’s account, rather than withdraw them?!

The employee looked at me stunned, then he simply walked away without another word. I did the deposit and told my boss the story. He picked up the phone and had a long conversation about the staff’s behaviour with their General Manager. He told him he wasn’t going to keep his money there if that’s how they treat people. Later that afternoon the GM came along with the rude employee to our office (25 miles away from the bank) to apologise to me.

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