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Years ago when my daughter was around 2 I had left my ex and was moving into a duplex. My daughter was a little weird and would climb on the end table and dance and I jokingly always said I hoped that wasn’t indicative of her future career.

Well, I had friends and family helping me move and my daughter was just running around the garage (which we were using as a staging area for everything) and dancing. She ran up to a friend of mine and started dancing. He (jokingly) pulled a $5 bill out of his pocket. My 2 year old stopped dancing and lifted up her shirt.

Poor guy about had a heart attack.

He starts yelling things like “I was kidding! It was a joke! I didn’t mean it!”

I told him he was fine, she was just a weird little kid and I knew he wasn’t a perv.

This is the same child that 2 years later when the Mormons came to the door and we were having a lovely conversation (I have no trouble talking to people of other faiths) my daughter had clothes on and suddenly was in her underwear (she shed her clothes any chance she got at that age.) Poor Mormon guys made an excuse to leave and I think I was on a list because I never got a visit from them again lol

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