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I work for a food distributor, meaning that the majority of our customers are businesses. I work at the front desk and a lot of the calls I get are customers wanting to place an order. It’s preferred that they speak to the sales rep assigned to them, so I have to find out who the customer is prior to transferring them. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to figure out exactly which customer is calling, because a lot of stores have the same name, and 99% of the people I talk to don’t know their customer number if I ask for it.

Me- “hello, this is [company] how can I help you?

Customer- “I need to place an order”

Me- “ok great! Do you know which sales rep you usually order with?”

Customer- no, I just need to place an order.

Me- “ok, where are you calling from?”

Customer- “Jacksonville”

Me- *confused, because usually when I ask where someone is calling from, I get the name of their business* “Ok, are you calling from a store?”

Customer- *annoyed* yes, I’m calling from a store.

Me- “And what store are you calling from?”

Customer- “Ugh, I’m calling from [store], do you want my customer number?”

Me- “Yes that would be helpful, thanks!”

Of course one of the times I don’t ask for a customer number right away the customer actually knows it. But I still don’t understand how they expected me to figure out which customer they were when they weren’t super forthcoming with basic information.

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