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I started college in 2018. I was the only one of my friends from high school who decided to attend my school, so I opted to be assigned random roommates in my dorm. The dorm room setup was two bedrooms, with two people in each, and a shared bathroom/fridge/entry space between the two bedrooms.

Some backstory: It became clear very quickly that my roommates and I were not going to be friends. I am a very studious person, whereas they preferred to seek out drama and watch television. All 3 of them had gotten in contact with one another right when they found out they were roommates, and didn’t contact me in any way, so I was already on the outside of their clique from the getgo. All three of the girls had boyfriends at the beginning of the year, and it was nonstop drama ’round the clock because of the boyfriends. In addition to them generally being rude, inconsiderate of my food allergies, and generally ignoring my existence, they weren’t my favorite people to begin with.

The straw that broke the camel’s back, however, was the roommate who had an extremely dysfunctional, extremely codependent relationship with a guy several years older. I barely met him, but while he seemed nice enough, I knew him more based off of the constant screaming matches he and mY roommate had at LEAST once a month. This all culminated when, one morning, I was woken up at 6am by guttural screaming coming from our bathroom, where my roommate had locked herself to argue with her boyfriend under the mistaken impression we couldn’t hear her. She was still locked in there when I got out of bed to get ready for the day, and I wound up using my friend’s bathroom to get ready. This was the last of the more ridiculous episodes, but needless to say I am not still their roommate!

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