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I am skiing in Austria with a ski class. We have stopped for lunch and our conversation wanders over to massages, acupuncture and other such treatments for muscle aches.

Me: Yeah, I know what you mean, my aunt’s wife runs an acupuncture clinic. She specialises in the feet, I think.

Skier 1: What? Your aunt’s–

Instructor: Ah, I see what you mean. I personally haven’t done that, but I always wanted to try.

Skier 2: Have any of you tried cups? I had them for my swimming.

Skier 1: Wait, is nobody going to bring up that one thing?

(All of us look at him quizzically.)

Skier 1: His ‘aunt’s wife’. Is nobody going to point that out?

Me: Dude, my aunt is a lesbian.

Skier 2: Nothing wrong with being LGBT, man.

Instructor: Yeah, get on with the times.

Skier 1: But, you can’t marry another person of the same gender! That doesn’t work!

Skier 3: Have you not heard of homosexual marriages? They’re accepted in quite a few countries these days.

Skier 4: Yeah, it’s 2020, not 1920. LGBT marriages and relationships are no longer wrong or unacceptable.

(As the six of us continue on in this direction, [Skier 1] gets rather downtrodden and browbeaten, clamming up and not speaking for the rest of the meal. I don’t think we got him to change his views, but he never brought the topic up around us ever again.)

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