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(I travel frequently for work, and usually stick with a specific company for hotels. I’m on a personal trip with my boyfriend, and go to check in. I’m using some rewards to get two free nights, and since I’m the one who travels, the account is in my name.)
Me: Hi, checking in.
(The receptionist looks at me, then turns to my boyfriend.)
Receptionist: What’s the name, sir?
Boyfriend: It’s under her name.
Receptionist: I need to see both of your IDs.
(I hand her mine, as I know I need to for check-in anyways. My boyfriend hands his over, as well.)
Receptionist: I don’t have a reservation for [boyfriend’s last name].
Me: That’s because it’s under [my last name].
Receptionist: Why would it be under yours? The man is supposed to be paying! Here, I got you a room. It’s [amount higher than what I booked at] a night.
Me: I already paid for my room. Under [my last name].
Receptionist: Well, I hope you can get a refund.
(She hands our IDs back.)
Me: Manager. Now.
Receptionist: Ugh, fine.
(She wanders off. A few minutes later, another woman comes over.)
Me: Are you a manager?
Woman: Yes, I was told you were refusing to pay?
Me: Actually, no. I reserved a room under [my last name]. It’s paid for. Your receptionist refuses to let us check in under my reservation and wants us to pay a different rate on top of my booking.
Manager: I…oh, Jesus. I’m sorry. You said it was under [my last name]?
(She types on the computer for a few moments.)
Manager: Can I just peek at your ID to confirm the name?
(I hand it to her.)
Manager: Thank you. I’ve checked you in. I’ve also added two more free nights to your account, as an apology. If you have any more issues, please let me know. My name is [name].
Me: I appreciate it.
(When we came back through with our luggage, the original receptionist glared at us. My boyfriend joked that I should bring him with me on my next trip for more free nights.)

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