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, | Unfiltered | November 24, 2022

(I’m a new hire at a cookie restaurant. HR shows me welcome videos. The videos say how employees can quickly get promoted. I think, Well that’s good! When I arrive on my first day, I say Hi to the GM and he just grunts. My job is to put the cookie batter in the pans and them put them in the oven to bake. The GM is taking them out when they’re baked.)

Me: *thinking* “Wow the GM pitches in to help. That’s nice and very rare.”

(And then I see the GM take a pan out, gripping it weakly so all the cookies slide to the floor.)

GM: *to me* “You put them in wrong! Now redo the order!”

Me: “No, you picked it up wrong. I saw you.”

GM: “No I didn’t! You wanna argue? Stop! Do them again!”

(So I do, but I decide that I can’t work with a GM that blames his workers for messing up and not admitting fault. That’s just a dealbreaker. After my shift, I call HR I tell them that it’s not working out. They ask why, and I tell them the truth. I don’t know if he got fired but I doubt it. Later I learn that that GM is only 20 years old and worked with the company for only a year. Maybe they ought to not promote their employee so quickly?)

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