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(My sister and I are in her car, driving and talking, and her husband calls. She answers and says hi, and a song plays.)

Husband: “So I think we should meet at that restaurant, are you nearby?”

Song: “Hold me now.”

Sister: “We’re ten minutes away.”

Husband: “Oh ok.”

Song: “Warm my heart.”

Sister: “I heard they have good food.”

Husband: “Yeah I tried it and it’s good.”

Song: “Stay with meee…”

Sister: “Say, why are you playing that song? Are you trying to be romantic?”

Husband: “It’s not me, it’s coming from your end!”

Sister: “No it’s not!”

Husband: “Well it’s not me.”

Sister: “Oh ok I thought you were trying to be romantic by playing it while you talked.”

Husband: “NO! I’d never!”

(We burst into giggles at the cringiness of it all. My sister says goodbye and hangs up. Immediately the songs ends.)

Me: “Couples are SO weird.”

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