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(To preface: I’m a regular reader of NAR and since I’ve had to deal with the public in the past, I always try to be patient and pleasant when dealing with cashiers and store staff.

I’m at the grocery store, and it’s a crazy busy day. I get what I need, and am standing in one of the long lines, when I see one of the staff come by. I’ve had a number of pleasant conversations with her in the past, but never really thought she was know who I was. However, she looks around at the lines, then walks over to me.)

EMPLOYEE: Here, honey, follow me.

(She then proceeds to grab the front of my cart and pulls it over to an empty checkout aisle. I’m wondering if there’s a problem but a couple of other shoppers have followed me and are looking at me quizzically. I look back and shrug, not sure what’s going on. Meanwhile, the woman who pulled my cart over has raced off, and returns with another employee. And, much to my surprise, he quickly checks out all my stuff, and while I’m loading up my stuff I see him checking out the people who followed me, and quickly putting up the CLOSED sign on his register and returning to what he was doing.

As I return my cart and am heading back to my car, I see the employee who pulled me from the line. She gives me a broad smile and a wink. I smile back, realizing that maybe this was a reward for being so polite and patient with the employees there after all. Remember: BE POLITE. It pays off.)

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