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When I was a freshman, I discover I have difficulty breathing when I am exercising. Prior to getting an inhaler to help with this issue, I’m in PE and we have to run a mile, which on our track is 4 laps. I am, as per usual, the last one finished. By the time I’m done, I am crying and clearly having issues breathing, as I can hardly talk. This exchange happens:

Classmate 1: Woah, what’s wrong?

Me, gasping for air: Can’t. breathe.

Classmate 2: Here, drink some water!

Classmate 1: Mrs. [“teacher”], [Me] can’t breathe!

So, I’m here, crying, struggling to breathe, and there’s like 8 other students I believe, and this “teacher” says loudly in front of this entire class:

“Teacher”: I would be crying too if I didn’t take care of myself.

We were obviously appalled. Like this grown woman just basically fat shamed a 14 or 15 year old who clearly was having issues. Classmate 1 had told me after this to go to the office about it, but me, hating conflict at the time, refused. I did complain to multiple peers, but they didn’t see the issue. One of my biggest regrets from that year was not going to either my sister, who is a teacher at the school, or a principal about this. It’s been four years and I absolutely hate the teacher to this day. I still have issues exercising and I refuse to do so, largely because of her.

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