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So I’m a first time participant at this chain of gyms which shares a name with a fruit… we’ll call it strawberry theory. At this gym they require members to wear a heart rate monitor so that they know how fast your heart rate is so they know what zone you’re in.

The staff was very friendly and I decide to go with a chest-strap one… so the guy gets me one and shows me how to put it on and where to place it and then makes the comment “make certain it’s tight but you want to be able to breathe.”

Me, not thinking about it, automatically respond with “oh yeah, it’s important to breathe.” …and I just see a piece of him die inside. It takes me a second to realize what I just said and asked him how many times they hear they every day and dude responds with “EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.” (in as nice a manner as possible while trying to sound like he didn’t just die some)

I immediately start apologizing and tell them about how I used to work retail and would have customers who would come in and go “oh, it didn’t scan? That must mean it’s free, right?” and I wanted to die every time. I apologized a few more times and told them to just throw something at me if I ever make a comment like that before.

As I’m walking off to change I hear one of the ladies behind the desk just finally start DYING laughing and another one go “That’s the best thing that’s happened all day.”

…..at least I caught myself?

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