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I have a couple of friends who are “littles”. People who’s mentality reverts back to a much younger age when they get to emotional and need to be taken care of by another person. Also known as regressers. My neighbor and I were talking about it and apparently he was no idea what it is or what it includes. The conversation was… Interesting.

Me: I have a couple of friends who are littles.

Neighbor: What’s a little? Is that…?

He proceeded to pretend to choke himself, referencing BDSM. I had to bite my lip to hold in my laughter.

Me: First of all… That’s BDSM. So no. Nothing like that. It’s when someone goes to a young age mentally.

Neighbor: *confused* Sounds like some kinky sh** to me.

Me: *rolling my eyes* No, (neighbor). No s** involved, idiot. Think regresser.

Neighbor: Ohh. Why?

Que repeat. But by explanation three, the only thing stopping me from punching him is the fact that he is twice my size.

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