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I used to work at a particular fast food restaurant whose mascot is a redheaded girl, but this particular location was privately run and not part of the franchise, which is the only reason I can think of for it not being shut down. So many things wrong! No cameras in the kitchen anywhere; so when the night manager told us to clock out and finish cleaning ‘off the clock’, we had no support when complaining to the higher ups. She’d let people in after the lobby closed to let them sell bootlegged DVDs. She let her underaged child come back and work the fryers if we were busy, which when I pointed out how really freaking bad that was, she yelled at me “I have PERMISSION!” Yeah I’m sure the owner gave you permission to endanger your child and break the laws. When a customer broke their face on one of the push bars to leave, because said push bar broke, it was never replaced or fixed as far as I know.
Last I heard the place was closed down and good riddance. I put up with that migraine for 6 months.

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