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I work at a vet clinic. I have been worried about my middle-aged cat, so I make an appointment for her and bring her to work with me in the morning. On the way to my car, I misstep and literally faceplant on the asphalt. I mean a full-on, all the way down, hit-my-face-on-the-ground fall. I narrowly avoid smashing my glasses when I land. In the process, I drop my cat’s carrier and it rolls on its side. It’s still dark out and I am having a massive adrenaline rush, so I can’t tell how badly hurt I am, or if my cat is okay. I drive to work terrified that I’m bleeding or broke my wrists and just haven’t felt it yet, or that my cat is hurt because she’s being unusually quiet in the car. I get to work, tell the vet what happened, and clean myself up. Later, we anesthetize my cat, as she is fractious at the vet to begin with an we want to do a really thorough exam to check for injuries. I turned out to have a scraped hand, a very minor bruise on my chin, and a severely bashed up knee. My cat was absolutely fine and forgot about the incident as soon as I fed her.

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