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(I get peckish for crisps and ask my stepdad to pick some up on his way home. Note that we have a designated “sweets drawer” in our kitchen, where my stepdad put the crisps after he got back, which means they’re for everyone to help themselves. I go into the kitchen, straight for the drawer, and take out a package. My mother sees it.)
Mum: Hey, those are [stepdad’s]! How about asking first before helping yourself?
Me: sheesh, calm down! I asked [stepdad] to get them for me.
Mum: (huffs and grumbles)
(A day or so later, I’m looking for a particular kind of sweets that are my favourite and my grandmother gave me for Christmas. I did not put them in the drawer but rather on the table where we gathered the Christmas presents.)
Me: hey, has anyone seen the sweets grandma gave me?
Mum: oh, you mean [brand]? I ate those.
Me: seriously?!

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