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There’s a man I met at a friend’s party once and who I quite enjoyed speaking with, and we’ve been interacting on social media in a friendly, slightly flirty way for a while (both of us are in open relationships). I’m hoping he’ll be at another event thrown by a group of people we both know, a fancy dress New Year’s Eve party in a large performance space. The theme is 1920s, so I decide to dress a bit androgynously.
When I arrive at the party, I spot the guy, go up, and start talking with him. He’s friendly and cordial, but not particularly warm. I figure he might be distracted or have something else going on, so after a short chat, I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. He doesn’t approach me himself at any point in the evening, and I’m a bit disappointed.
Apparently, as I’m later told, this was the scene that occurred shortly after 1 AM and I’ve left:
Him: I thought [My Name] was going to be here.
Mutual friend: She was. Did you not see her?
Him: Nope. Oh well. I did meet this very attractive woman but I didn’t quite catch her name.
Mutual friend: What was she wearing?
Him: A top hat and a tail coat.
Mutual friend: Dude.
Him: What?
Mutual friend: That *was* [My Name].

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