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I live in a really poor neighborhood. And for the past year I’ve spent every day watching five kids on top of my three bio kids.

When Christmas rolled around some of the parents claimed they couldn’t afford to get these kids anything for Christmas. So I organized a party for the kids. I made a point to get all their lists of what each kid wanted.

I told the parents a date and time that I was going to throw this party. With the help of my mom and some very generous friends we got the kids food, jackets, clothes and each item in their wish lists.

Everything was going good when the oldest child whose autistic started opening her presents .

Another parent jumped up and started grabbing the items from her.
She kept demanding that everything was for her daughter and not the one opening the bag. No amount of reasoning would calm her down she threw a fit the party was immediately cancelled. Everyone left and neighbors were now at war over a small lol doll.

The worst part was finding out that the entitled parent claimed to need the most help but in reality had spent over $300 of someone else’s money to buy her child’s Christmas. She took advantage of good people who wanted to help kids, stole from a special needs child and helped make my mind up on never doing this again.

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