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My mother loves animals and for some reason is very good with birds. We were on vacation in our cabin that is in the middle of the woods and has very large windows. One day the inevitable happened and a bird flew into the window. Since we were in the middle of no where there were no vets around so my mom decided to nurse the bird back to health by herself.

She makes a little basket and gave it water and everything and held it and pet it. Of course our dog was barking like mad the whole time.

The bird stayed in our house overnight. And in the morning she tried to get it to fly, but had no luck. So in the afternoon we were both in the living room, she had the bird in her hands and then it flew out of them… right into the same window.

it died later that evening.

although it was sad, it was a bit comical. And reminded me a lot of something that would happen in a cartoon.

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