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(It’s the day after Christmas in 2019, I’m in my room with my dad, playing video games, six months ago, I got my voters card. I am known as undecided since I’m not into either side. We hear a door bell and think it’s a package that arrived late until mom comes laughing down there hallway)

Me: “Uh Mom? What’s wrong?”

(She couldn’t speak, my dad got her calmed down enough to speak.)

Mom: “Some lady is here to see you.”

(I know my face looked confused. I go out and smile at this older lady with a clipboard, I immediately know somethings up.)

Lady: “Hi [m/n], I’m Rita, and I noticed you recently got a voters card and your undecided, is there any way to join the democrats?”

(She goes into a long speech about that and I just listen, smiling faintly.)

Lady: “So, will you become a democrat?”

Me: “Sorry, I don’t think I will today.”

Lady: “Oh, that’s fine. If you do decide. Come and ask for me, I will get it settled, have a good day and merry Christmas.”

(I went in to receive more laughter but seriously, after six months you come? And after Christmas? Jeez, I know they have to do that but they should of came earlier.)

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