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I used to work at a pretty well know fast food place that has a mascot of a star amd was associated with a jr.
I worked in the front of house and dealt with the customers that were dine- in. We were located on the toll road so we could get prstty busy.
I was working on a pretty slow afternoon. We had a gentleman come in and his first language was obviously not english even though he spoke it well he had a thick accent. Arabic i belive. I took his order as normal. He came back up and said he got the wrong sandwich and just wanted a different one. So i told him i could do that for him. He tried to pay for it but i refused since it was my mistake. My general manager came up and said he would have them make the sandwich. The customer threw the sandwich away. My gm told me not to do that because if he wanted to pay for another sandwhich he could. I didn’t like it so i ignored that. The customer finished his meal. I threw away his trash and wished him a happy day. He left to go to the gas station which is on the other side of us. He came back and gave me a redbull. I tried to protest but he just walked off. I left that job a month later due to change in gm. Thank you man where ever you are!

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