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, | Unfiltered | October 10, 2022

I am at our local Chinese restaurant for take-out. When I enter, I am the only one. Just when I head up to the counter, the phone rings. The owner picks up the phone, a middle aged asian woman.

Boss: Yes, yes,… Yes… yes… Ah… adress… eh, eh… my daughter… not here. She… address is hard for me… I mean… Ah, one moment!

The woman suddenly hands the phone to me, including a pen and paper.

Boss: Adress!

I understand what she wants and I ask and write down the address. I hand back the phone and the pen and paper.

Boss: Ah, yes. Good,… 20 minutes! *she hangs up* Now, your order?

She didn’t say thank you, but I know this woman. She is always running around and strict, but always means well!

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