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I am one of two assistants for an office of lawyers. Us two assistants have desks next to each other, and we’re pretty much surrounded by a ring of lawyers’ offices.

On thus day, one of the lawyers closest to us gets a phone call. He puts it on speaker, and during the few seconds it takes him to walk from his desk to his door to close it, I can clearly hear the speaker. The voice instantly makes me raise my eybrows because the voice sounds identical to a character from a certain iconic 90s sitcom. It’s not just the voice; the manner of speaking – overly precise, overemphasizing certain words, the hesitation – is unmistakable! I know there’s no way it’s who it sounds like, but that just makes it weirder.

As soon as the attorney closes the door, I turn to my fellow assistant and ask, “Did that guy sound exactly like David Schwimmer?” He replies, “I know!” with a look and tone that clearly say he’s as relieved as I am to know he’s not crazy.

I have no idea who the caller was, but I shudder to think of the jokes he must have to endure!

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