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I am in my local small town shoe store trying on boots to wear with a new dress I’ve bought for an upcoming Christmas event, with my mother in law and sister in law in the store helping me. It’s worth noting that I have worked in retail for at least 15 years but I currently work in an electronics store and definitely not at this shoe store. I have been trying on boots for upwards of 20 minutes with 2 of the stores 4 employees helping me as I am very difficult to fit. One employee has just gone into the back to look for more boots in my size while the other younger employee is fitting various boots on my feet.
While this is happening a middle aged woman comes in clutching an armful of books and binders. She wanders the store for a few minutes occasionally glancing in my direction but not speaking to anyone. The other two employees are busy helping other customers.
I stand up to take a quick jaunt around the sales floor to try out the pair of boots the young employee has just placed on me when the woman stops me.
Lady: “Excuse me, do you work here?”
I stare at her for a long moment as I clearly am a customer and not an employee.
Me: “Um no…but when the other lady at the till is done ringing up her customer she can probably help you…”
Lady: “Oh…okay…” she says as she wanders off and leaves the store.
I still don’t know what she was thinking…I guess it’s true what they say, if you work in retail long enough the customers can smell it on you!

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